Credit card company to require selfie to verify online purchases

Credit card company to require selfie to verify online purchases

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - One credit card company is introducing a way to use the camera on your phone to make sure you're never a victim of fraud.

MasterCard is going to start requiring card users to take a selfie on their phone before a transaction is complete.

Ryan Evans is the owner of Modern Technology and believes it's time for this type of technology.

"Bottom line people are worried about security and then they forget their passcode," Evans said. "Well you're never going to forget your face."

He said with millions of Americans being victims of fraud each year, improvements like this are necessary.

"Credit card fraud especially has sky rocketed," he said. "This is one more step to get a handle on it."

The amount of online shoppers has grown over the last five years and is expected to reach 215 million by 2018.

Researchers believe there's a greater chance hackers will find a way to steal your information.

With this new safeguard, each time a MasterCard customer buys an item online, they will be prompted to look into their camera.

That image must digitally match the selfie already on file, but, not everyone's sold on the idea.

"I don't think its going to work," online shopper Alonze Gonzalez said. "Especially with your face being online, it' obtainable anybody can take it, so with you having you face and picture out there, it's easy to obtain that information as well."

Evans disagrees and calls this type of technology a great tool to keep users safe.

"They have come up with good technology," Evans said. "Enough to make it where you can't fake it with a photo or even a video of that person because of algorithms they use."

MasterCard beta tested this technology and plans to have it available in 15 countries by the summer.

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