Cycling the Heartland: Week 2

Cycling the Heartland: Week 2

(KFVS) - We begin this week by increasing our mileage just a little bit.

This route is along the Cape LaCroix Path but heads north from the park. The route is flat. It is an out and back ride. The path jumps between open parks, a covered canopy of trees, tennis courts, underneath major highways, and alongside Cape LaCroix Creek.

Today's ride is just a little over 4.25 miles from the trail connector at the Osage Center to the sidewalk at Shawnee Park. And while the path is not great for small kids (don't want one to go over the edge and into the creek) the path is relatively flat. I have seen adult tricycles, mountain bikes and road bikes along the trail. Out and back makes it 8.5 miles which is about double from our ride last week and a great second ride.

Once you leave the Osage Center parking lot turn left from the connector and go over the bridge. In just a few yards you will find restrooms on your right - a good stop if needed - but the trail continues on through Cape Woods.

In the summer this a shaded, cool area.  But now the bare tree limbs reach skyward protecting any snow that remains on the ground.

Follow the trail along the river and go under Hopper Road. The next stop on the path is the Arena Park Trail head which "features" a port-a-potty near the tennis courts.

The trail then parallels North Kingshighway finally passing underneath the road near Bloomfield Road until reaching the Brink Street trailhead.

It features another port-a-potty and small parking area. Finally you reach Shawnee Park. There are many facilities in this park and it can be pretty crowded during season. A side trail goes off to the left to the larger parking area while the longer trail goes across a bridge to a smaller parking area.

Stay left in the parking lot and you will cross another bridge and follow the path which goes around several soccer fields. You can follow the path till it ends at the sidewalk. This is your turnaround point.

If you follow the sidewalk you can reach downtown but it requires riding along the Shawnee Parkway.

We will explore riding further as we get more miles under our belts.

You can take a look back at week one by clicking here.

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