Conservation, agriculture groups partner against feral hogs

Conservation, agriculture groups partner against feral hogs

MISSOURI (KFVS) - The Missouri Department of Conservation has partnered with other conservation groups, agriculture organizations and the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation to provide Missouri's feral hog strike team with more trapping equipment and increase feral hog communications to the public.

"The number or requests MDC gets asking for help with feral hogs continues to increase as landowners become aware of the problem with feral hogs and hog hunting," said MDC Agriculture Liaison Brent Vandeloecht. "By collaborating with non-government organizations, MDC can increase funding to provide more traps for use on private and public land and also educate the public on the need to eradicate feral hogs."

"Research shows that about 70 percent of the feral hog population needs to be removed yearly to keep populations of feral hogs from increasing," Vandeloecht continued. "We cannot achieve that without this partnership to increase equipment availability and we won't achieve that without continued education and cooperation with the public."

The total amount of funds raised equals $53,600 in cash and $23,000 in-kind, which includes costs incurred for the organizations to produce feral hog media efforts for public education.

"This is an excellent opportunity to work in collaboration with MDC and its partners to address a serious threat to agricultural and conservation resources," said Chief Administrative Officer for the Missouri Farm Bureau Federation Dan Cassidy.

MDC currently works with private landowners to set traps to catch feral hogs. With the current equipment available, traps are moved from one private property to another after a successful trapping. However, according to MDC employees, they have noticed that once a trap is active on a property, there are usually opportunities to trap hogs in that area again.

For more information on feral hogs in Missouri, or to report a sighting, you can click here.

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