High levels of E. coli found in Holcomb sewage system

High levels of E. coli found in Holcomb sewage system

HOLCOMB, MO (KFVS) - High levels of E. coli found in the sewage water in Holcomb has leaders there looking for solutions.

"The problem just didn't start it's been here for a while," Holcomb Mayor Ricky Peters said.

The problem, according to Peters, is high E. coli levels in their sewage water. How high? The state steps in when it hits 2 percent and Holcomb's levels sits at 1.99 percent.

Peters said the problem began before he took office, but now is the time to fix it.

"The problem has probably went on for a few years, maybe and it's a problem that we'll get fixed," Peters said.

So, how did those high levels of E. coli get there?

Many factors can lead to the bacteria levels being high, including human and animal waste.

Residents said they're concerned about why this happened and how this would affect their home water supply.

Peters said he isn't sure exactly what happened, but he wants residents to know, their drinking water is fine.

"It has nothing to do with the drinking water at all, it's strictly the sewer waste water," he said.

For now, the mayor said the goal is to fix the problem, but that's not all.

"Right now we just add more chemicals and that will bring it down, but that's not the solution," he said. "We'll have to get some grants from the state, and if we have to we'll do what we have to on our side."

The next city council meeting will be on March 17.

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