NTSB wants to lower the legal driving limit to .05 nationwide

NTSB wants to lower the legal driving limit to .05 nationwide

According to one government agency, 28 people die every day in America because of drunk driving crashes.

But could a lower legal blood alcohol content limit curb traffic deaths?

A proposal by the National Transportation Safety Board hopes to reduce the number of drunk driving arrests AND accidents, by lowering the blood alcohol limit from .08 to .05.

Some say this causes more trouble for drivers and businesses.

The Board states, "We've pushed for states to reduce the threshold for DWI/DUI to 0.05 BAC or lower because research clearly shows that most people are impaired by the time they reach 0.05."

Blowing a .05 is the equivalent to one drink for woman who weighs less than 120 pounds and about 2 drinks for a 160 pound man.

"People would be a little more prone to not really go out as much when they come out for happy hour after they get off work," said Hot Shots Manager Paul Blaylock.

He said the change would put his customers at risk.

"All they are trying to do is right before they go home is catch a bite and beer."

There's not much evidence to suggest that decreasing the DUI standard would sharply reduce crashes or save lives.

More than 70% of all drunk driving fatalities are caused by drivers with a BAC of .16 or above.

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