Facebook adds new 'emotions' to the 'like' button

Facebook adds new 'emotions' to the 'like' button

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Have you discovered Facebook's newest feature?

It's a step up from the "like" button. Now, you have more emotions from which to choose when responding to your friends' posts.

This is how it works on a desktop computer, just hover your mouse over the "like" button and the new options will pop up. On your phone or tablet, hold your finger down on the "like" button until the other emotions come up.

It makes it easier to tell it like, you think, it is.

"This one is definitely getting a 'wow' or a 'love,'" Southeast Missouri State University Student Leanna McDowell said.

She says it's quicker because it can cut out the commenting.

"Sometimes you really do like a picture and you have to then comment and be like 'oh I really like it,'" McDowell said.

Others say it could cause people to click a little too quick.

"I feel like that could get bad very quickly. If someone put on my post and was like 'this made me angry.' That would make me angry," Denia Peacock said.

"Some people can take things the wrong way too easily," Caitlyn Somervell said.

And then there's some who could care less…

"It's kind of a 'meh,'" Nathan Michelsen said.

Still, they say, Facebook's new move has people talking.  Some students say in the fast-moving and competitive world of social media, this could be Facebook's way of just trying to keep up.

"We Americans we want to be entertained, we always want something new, so they have to start a new social media or start something new to keep people on their toes," Elfrink said.

If you look at it that way, it seems to be working.

"[I like] all of them, maybe the 'Ha, Ha' one, I don't know," Somervell said.

"I'm definitely going to use 'Love' or 'Ha, Ha,'" McDowell said.

"They're taking it to the next level," Elfrink said.

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