Does It Work: Fun Loom Bracelet Making Kit

Does It Work: Fun Loom Bracelet Making Kit
(Source: KFVS)
(Source: KFVS)

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - The Fun Loom Bracelet Making Kit claims it can entertain both boys and girls by providing "everything you need to create awesome silicone band bracelets and more," but does it work?

To test this product we turned to Courtney Uptain's kindergarten class at South Elementary in Jackson, Missouri.

The Fun Loom's motto is "Load it, loom it, love it," and promises to be the cure for common boredom. Students Karlie Kendle, Elise Mauk, Holland Cunningham, Ethan Beattie, Hollyn Loesel and Grace Scott helped us try it out.

We followed the instruction and started out with the Fun Loom's U-shaped pegs facing up and away from us. Then we stretched the silicone bands diagonally across the pins making a zigzag pattern down the loom.

The kids had a bit of a tough time at first, but were able to master the zigzag step.

Next, the directions got more complicated. They say to flip the loom so the U-shaped pegs are facing down and then take the provided crochet hook to loop the second rubber band over the third pin and repeat down the line.

This step proved too difficult for our testers. Adults took over the looming and the kids left the table to play.

Once one bracelet was loomed the kids returned to the table to see it pulled off of the loom; and liked the end result.

The kids' favorite part of the Fun Loom was the rubber bands. Some of the children who became frustrated opted to forgo the loom and simply link the silicone bands by hand.

"If it's hard for them, they're going to do what's not hard for them, and what is not hard for them is playing with the rubber bands," said teacher Courtney Uptain.

Potential Fun Loom buyers should pay attention to the eight and up age suggestion on the packaging. If not, mom will likely be the one doing most of the looming.

Our testers gave Fun Loom 4.5 stars on this Does It Work test.

We purchased Fun Loom at Dollar General in Cape Girardeau for $9.

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