West Frankfort teachers send letter of 'no confidence' in superintendent

West Frankfort teachers upset with how money is being spent

WEST FRANKFORT, IL (KFVS) - A letter sent from teachers in West Frankfort, Illinois to a school administrator criticizing his performance is sparking controversy in the small town.

The West Frankfort Federation of Teachers Local #817 union voted "no confidence" in Superintendent Greg Goins of the West Frankfort Community Unit School District #168.

You can click here to see the letter.

Goins said the whole issue is about money and the teachers contract.

The district recently negotiated a two-year contract with the local teachers union.

West Frankfort's local teacher union President Susan Malkovich said the collective group of teachers felt they needed to make their concerns public. She said the group felt more could be done for the district to stay in the black and support programs.

Goins said many Illinois schools have been forced into cuts because of the state's financial situation.

"I think everybody in the state of Illinois knew that we were coming to this. It's not like we woke up one day and it was here," Malkovich said. "We've had time to think about it and prepare for it but I don't think the district did a whole lot of preparing for what we are seeing today."

Members of the local union took their concerns to a school board meeting on February 22. However, no direct action was taken at the meeting.

Goins said he's learned that both parties can do more to communicate with one another. He said it's business as usual at CUSD #168.

Now that issues have been made public, Goins said he wants the issues to put behind them so the school can make the children the focus.

Goins is in his ninth year with the district and is under contract with the district until June 2017.

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