Shopping healthy on a budget: tips and tricks

Shopping healthy on a budget: tips and tricks

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It seems like the grocery bill just keeps going up, especially if you're trying to shop healthy.

Fresh produce, meat and non-processed foods boast some of the highest price tags.

"It's not so much the nutrition because I can't afford it. So, whatever is on sale that's what I'm getting," Rose DePree said. "What I used to go into the store and buy a bag of apples for, my god, I could buy a piece of meat with it."

So, what do you look for if you're trying to shop healthy and affordable? Price is a big factor, but there are some other things to look for in the fine-print when trying to make those nutritious meals.

  • Buy frozen produce. It’s cheaper than fresh and has more nutrients than canned.
  • Shop fresh meats sales. Fresh is usually more expensive, but it doesn’t have added sodium and other ingredients like some frozen meats.
  • Choose whole grain bread. Price is usually comparable to white, but is more nutritious.
  • Go generic. Most of the generic brands have the same ingredients but are cheaper.
  • Buy fresh produce when it’s on sale and in-season and freeze it yourself.
  • Look at newspaper ads and plan healthy meals according to what’s on sale.
  • Cook your own grains like brown rice or beans instead of pre-made.

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