Police investigation cancels class at Sesser-Valier schools

Police investigation shuts down Sesser-Valier schools

SESSER, IL (KFVS) - A police investigation is under way at the Sesser-Valier Community Unity School district.

According to the school district, the Franklin County Central Dispatch Center around 7:20 p.m. Sunday.

School administrators were alerted of the issue soon afterwards.

The district says Illinois Secretary of State investigators, local law enforcement and some school officials did a sweep of the buildings late Sunday night.

Investigators did not locate an issue as of 1:15 a.m. on Monday.

However, the district says for safety reasons, classes will be canceled on Monday to allow police more time to investigate.

Sesser-Valier District Superintendent Jason Henry said this district is "... working with law enforcement officials to protect the safety of our students, staff members, and parents... We deeply appreciate all law enforcement officers who have worked this case and encourage members of the public to direct any helpful information to the Sesser Police Department at (618) 625-2341 or (618) 724-2424."

Henry says the safety of the students, staff and faculty is top priority.

"This is an intolerable violation of the public trust," Henry said. "When a person commits an offense similar to this, this is not socially acceptable. And in our case in particular, there's a certain sanctity that comes when you cross the threshold of the schoolhouse and this perpetrator has violated that sanctity. We intend to pursue an arrest."

Henry added that as a community, "we need to be strong and sending the message that we will not tolerate this type of offense against a school."

Sesser police chief, Ryan White says in terms of the investigation, he does believe the law enforcement has some good leads already.

"We've been working with the state's attorney's office this morning, painting some subpoenas," White said. "Hopefully from those we can get some good information that will lead us to who's responsible for this."

High school principal, Natalie Page, has two children who attend Sesser-Valier. She says hearing that there was a threat made to the school district is angering.

"This building should always be safe. They should know when they come here, people are going to take care of them," Page said. "And for somebody to take that away for the student is angering and frustrating and should never happen."

Classes will resume as normal on Tuesday.

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