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Study: Growing millennial workforce have troubles staying with one employer

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Within the next five years, people aged 36 and younger will make up more than half of the U.S. workforce. 

However, researchers have found.most millennials have a hard time staying with one company.

One in four millennials will quit their current jobs within one year. 

That's according to research that shows a majority of young people in the workforce today will have a new job by 2020.

A couple reasons millennials job hop job fulfillment and inclusion.

Many reportedly aim to be in leadership roles and often switch companies when the chances are slim

Young people want to feel like they are a part of the company's success and when they don't their out the door.

Dan Presson works in Career Services at Southeast Missouri State University and said young people today have different needs than previous generations.

“This generation has lived and been raised on instant feedback," Presson said. "They want that instant feedback and they want the ability to grow and be promoted.

Presson said when millennials can't find that fulfillment, they normally are out the door.

"With this post-recession economy that we’re in," he said. "Sometimes the only time for a millennial to find that growth and promotions is through going to a different employer.” 

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