iPhone users torn in privacy battle between Apple, FBI

iPhone users torn in privacy battle between Apple, FBI

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Would you want federal authorities to have access to your cellphone?

The federal government wants Apple to create a backdoor, a way to get into a locked cell phone, but Apple said that puts millions of iPhone users at risk.

"As an iPhone user I wouldn't want them to have information to my private stuff," iPhone user Brandon Oatsvall said.

Apple said a breach in privacy could happen if they unlock one of the cellphones tied to the San Bernardino mass shootings.

"They should get that information some kind of way," iPhone user Mercedes McWilliams said. "I don't know if breaching everyone information would be the best possible way to do that."

Eric Bennett is the co-owner of Velosity Electronics. He said the battle between Apple and the federal government has him torn.

"Creating the process could open up the flood gates for other security vulnerability into users policies," Bennett said. "I do want my privacy, but I can see the need that if due process was done and they need to get that information."

The FBI demands that Apple create a backdoor into its operating system to allow investigators to get inside the locked iPhone still in evidence.

Apple refused and released this lengthy statement explaining the reasons why. The biggest one, your privacy.

"The reality is if you put a backdoor in," Apple CEO Tim Cook said. "That backdoor is for everybody, the good guys and the bad guys."

Bennett said it will ultimately be up to the user if it's something they want on their phone.

"Say if you don't agree with it and you chose not to do them," Bennett said. "Then eventually your device would get so out of date that it would stop working. At that point you would have to make a decision; 'Do I want a device that works properly, but out of date? or Do I want a device that complies with the back door security policy?'"

Apple has five days to either comply or issue an appeal that could end up on the Supreme Courts desk.

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