Poplar Bluff students donate $10 each for class project

Poplar Bluff students donate $10 each for class project

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - A Poplar Bluff High School teacher gave her senior composition class $10 apiece and tasked the students with doing something "kind and simple for our community."

"This is the greatest assignment I have ever given in my 26-year teaching career," stated Beth Fox-Godwin, communication arts teacher.

Student Colin Steffens agreed, saying that the book study was his favorite assignment in his four years of high school.

Poplar Bluff High School student Alexa King tackled the "giving project" when a friend was in need of 25 cents for a vending machine snack.

She broke down the $10 into 40 quarters and dispersed the coins in random places throughout the school.

The funding came from a mini-grant supplied by the nonprofit Academic Assistance Group.

The assignment was inspired by a principal at Notre Dame High School who did something similar with an inheritance.

The class was asked to read the book, "The Ultimate Gift," by Jim Stovall and complete a journal entry for each chapter, which focused on a different type of gift, material or otherwise.

The final project last week was for high schoolers to present how they were able to make a difference in their community with a small amount of money.

Students donated to organizations and funds such as Haven House and the Kaitlyn Pullam Scholarship; paid a portion of a hotel for someone traveling for medical care; gave money to a random stranger at Walmart; taped the $10 to a car seat; and bought diapers, meals, cards, school supplies, materials for a blanket and a copy of the book.

Last month, the AAG approved a mini-grant for the project to be extended to Fox-Godwin's advanced language arts II class, due to its success.

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