Bill could require Missourians to report lost, stolen firearms

MO lawmakers consider bill requiring gun owners to report lost, stolen firearms

MISSOURI (KFVS) - If a proposed bill is made into law, Missouri gun owners would have to report if their firearm has been lost or stolen.

On Wednesday, a Senate committee will consider the legislation that would require the firearm owner to report that his or her firearm is missing or stolen to any local law enforcement agency or sheriff's office "within seventy-two hours of discovering the loss or theft."

After the report is made, the bill requires authorities to enter the make, model, and serial number into the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System.

This would allow for law enforcement to cross-check firearms that are found by officers in the field.

Under the proposed legislation, any gun found that isn't in the system "may be considered as evidence that the last recorded owner of the firearm violated this section."

According to the bill, failure to make the report would result in the owner receiving an infraction and a fine.

The Transportation, Infrastructure, and Public Safety Committee will consider this as an amendment to the current Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 571 on weapons offenses.

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