POLL: Should women be eligible for selected service?

Women and the draft?

(KFVS/AP) - Washington is abuzz on whether or not women should still be exempt from the draft, now that they are allowed in front line combat.

The military has been voluntary in the US all the way back to the last draft in 1973. There's even been talk of abolishing the draft altogether in recent years.

Currently, if an of-age male does not register within 30 days of their 18th birthday, they risk eligibility for federal school loans, grants and many government jobs.

In a 1983 supreme court case, some argued the exemption was gender discrimination, but the court ultimately ruled women should be exempt from the draft because and for the same reasons they were at the time barred from front line combat.

60 percent of respondents to a 7 hour KFVS twitter poll taken on Tuesday, Feb. 16 said they believed women should be eligible for the draft.

"Regardless of sex, every American who is eligible, "US Navy Veteran Ray Hancock said. "If women are going to have the right to be in the military, they should have the right to be selected for the draft if there ever is one "

"Biologically, we are set up to be the nurturers and the ones who carry children," Tammy Hopkins of Marion said. "If you have the choice to be treated equally then  great, I support that. But basically, we need to have someone to stay home and take care of our families. "

Top leaders in the military have mixed opinions on the topic, and any change would require an act of congress.

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