K2 becoming a problem again in Missouri, southern Illinois

K2 becoming a problem again in Missouri, southern Illinois

PEMISCOT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Synthetic pot became illegal in 2012, but it's becoming a problem again.

Doctors say they are seeing a huge spike in Synthetic drug overdoses especially among 18 to 30 years-old.

According to law enforcement, the dangerous drug is make a "noticeable" increase in southeast Missouri.

That's because users are finding more ways to get their hands on it.

"Folks can abuse this, folks can get too much in their system and affect their system negatively," Mark McClendon with the SEMO Drug Task Force.

The drug, most commonly known as K2 or K2 Spice is making it's way back into the southeast Missouri region.

"In 2016, we've had at least one significant seizure for sure," he said.

Just last month, the SEMO Drug Task Force seized all of this from one home in Pemiscot County.

Fifty packets of K2 and other illegal drugs leading to two arrests.

"It can cause heart attacks, it can cause stroke, seizures, brain injury, kidney failure," said Dr. Laurie Bryne at St. Louis University Hospital.

Ten times as powerful as marijuana, doctors warn the drug is deadly and unpredictable.

After the drug was removed from the shelves, McClendon said the product moved online.

Users either buy the product in colorful packets or the ingredients to make it themselves.

"Bad things can happen. The user doesn't really know what he is getting himself into whenever he decides to use it," said McClendon.

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