New Year Flood mystery boat leaves questions unanswered

New Year Flood mystery boat leaves questions unanswered

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The Mississippi County Sheriff's Department is looking for the owner of a mystery boat that showed up in a farm field near Moore's Landing.

Mississippi County Sheriff Keith Moore said during the New Year Flood, a man, living on a boat, was waiting out for the flood waters to drop and didn't get the boat back onto the water in time. Instead, the boat got it stuck on farm land.

When the water dropped, Sheriff Moore thinks the man living on the boat must have misjudged how quickly the water dropped.

"I was worried he wouldn't get out in time, when it starts dropping too fast he didn't realize it," Sheriff Moore said.

Sheriff Moore said people in the area saw the man and his dog living on the boat when the water was high.

When officials went into the boat after it was grounded, they said it was clean, as if no one had been living in it anymore.

Sheriff Moore said he knew the man had a cell phone and he could have called someone to come get him.

Sheriff Moore said it would cost a lot of money to get the boat out with a crane and trailer, but it would be a lot more realistic to float the boat back out onto the river when the water rises again.

It is possible the boat could have been stolen, but there are no numbers on the boat.

Some noticeable characteristics on the outside of the boat are "Southern Cross" and "Portage Des Sioux, Mo." letters spelled on the back right side of the boat. Additionally, an United States Marine Corps flag along with an Operation Iraqi Freedom Sticker.

River Home Boat Harbor in Portage Des Sioux, Mo. said they are not familiar with the boat but they are looking to see who it may have belonged to.

Sheriff Moore said the department just wants to know who the owner is and if they're safe.

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