Heartland residents react to possible winter weather event

(Source: Mike Mohundro/KFVS)
(Source: Mike Mohundro/KFVS)

JACKSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Winter weather is on a lot of people's minds (again) for Sunday, Feb. 14, as portions of the Heartland could see one to three inches of snow, as well as some possible sleet.

We talked with residents of Jackson County, Illinois on Saturday to see who and how much people are concerned for this predicted winter weather event.

Some said not at all, while others said they are fearing it and preparing for it.

Several emergency management agency directors in Illinois said they're not worried. And although they have several reasons why, they are prepared nonetheless.

Earlier this week, a weak winter weather system brought in a little bit of snow to the area. Some portions only saw about half an inch. Still, crews salted the roads as they normally would. And since there hasn't been any rain since then, a lot of salt still remains on the roads, according to some EMA directors.

And with schools not in session on Monday, Feb. 15 due to President's Day, and with predicted warmer temperatures on the way, the snow probably won't stick around for too long.

While area county crews are prepared to hit the roads once it starts snowing, there are still safety concerns.

"I'd say it's probably better to be safe than sorry," Dana Lucas said. "I've heard from the weather it's not supposed to be good at all. I heard it's supposed to be pretty bad impending weather so I hope they put more (salt) on to be safe."

However, not everybody feels this way.

"They've been taking care of it really well and usually we don't have many places to go," Michael Allen said. "With everything being so convenient for us we really don't have a problem with it. I'm pretty relaxed about it."

On Sunday, when the snow is predicted to hit the region, plan on it sticking on roads. And if you have to be out, be careful.

"They'll be traffic," Allen said. "It's snow. It's going to happen but not too worried about it. We'll be more relaxed with that one because all the kids will probably be at home, not going to as many places having to worry about school to and from. So everybody will be pretty safe."

"There's always people on the road," Lucas said. "There's people out there that aren't scared of it at all so I think they should always have it on there (salt), even if there is people out of school. There's always somebody on the road."

Lucas said she also thinks the sidewalks need to be salted, too, as she walks around the SIU campus frequently.

Other than Lucas and Allen, people seem to be on both sides of the fence whether this winter weather event should be treated as a major impacting weather system.

"I feel like they should still be a little bit urgency," Allen said. "Everyone's life is important so, even if there's not that many people on the road."

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