Herrin High School project has thousands of people smiling

Herrin High School project has thousands of people smiling

HERRIN, IL (KFVS) - It's amazing how a few words of encouragement can make someone's day.

What started out as a school assignment turned into something much bigger, teaching everyone a lesson in being kind.

"We just wanted everyone in the school to spread good vibes," Taylor Bloodworth.

These High School journalism students had a simple video assignment.

But what some students in Mrs. Sami Goetting's class didn't realize, was how their school project would impact everyone who watched it.

The responses are touching.

Two words that had some laughing and smiling from ear to ear. Some were even in tears.

And for the three students behind the camera, they say they were just as moved.

"I would want someone to do that to me. And to see others reactions made me so happy," Jessica Cline

The video has been shared and "liked" thousands of times on social media.

Some viewers say they were inspired, others thanking the creators for putting a smile on their face.

"We have people's parents and siblings and people who graduated years ago commenting on this video and talking about how much it made their day. It's fantastic," said Quentin Shaw

A lesson Mrs. Goetting said could never have been taught from a textbook.

"There is so much good still out there. I had three kids in this class that full-heartedly believed that they were beautiful. That made me proud," said Goetting.

You can click here to watch the student's video.

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