Weather can cause joint pain and headaches

Weather can cause joint pain, headaches

(KFVS) - Some people believe their painful joints and headaches can predict oncoming bad weather.

Biometric pressure is the pressure on your body from the atmosphere, which is the leading cause of joint pain.

One of the main theories is that the change in air pressure can cause people's pain to get worse, according to Webmd.

The theory is that pressure drops before damp wet weather hits, like snow or rain. The low air pressure against the body causes tissues to expand.

"Weather can affect joints in many ways, if the barometric pressure changes, and somebody has a history of joint issues, it can really change how that joint functions, which then makes it ache or feel sore," Dr. Greg Pursley Doctor of Chiropractic and Joint Specialist said. "The other thing is if it gets colder the muscles actually will get tighter; and the tighter the muscles get the more joint pressure there is which causes which then makes people feel achiness."

Dr. Greg Pursley and Dr. Benjamin Seed gave their advice on what you can do to help ease your cold weather pain.

Simple suggestions for cold weather pains

  • Supplement like Glucosamine with Chondroitin
  • Icy Hot like Bio Freeze for muscles
  • Layers of clothing to help the joints keep warm.
  • Eating before going outside to warm up the body like hot tea
  • Stretching on a regular basis
  • Hot packs and hot showers

The Arthritis Foundation said in a 2007 report that every 10-degree drop in temperature is linked to an increase in arthritis pain. An increase in barometric pressure is also know to be a cause of arthritis pain.

"You get people that come in, and they'll say 'oh my gosh, there's weather coming in, my joints are achy' and you know they always ask that same question, why does that happen," Dr. Pursley said. "Well, typically they either have got some damages, or there's barometric changes, or it could be colder. That cold front coming in will make their muscles and joints change and when there's changes your body feels different."

The foundation also said studies show that 50 to 80 percent of people that get migraines believe that the weather is the main factor. But the patterns that cause migraines is still unknown.

Storms and changes in humidity and temperature can trigger headaches.

The reason why a headache would be brought on from the cold weather would be from is the tension you get the muscles tightening up...[it] can cause tension headaches," Dr. Benjamin Seed Doctor of Chiropractic said.

It's good to remember the pain is usually temporary when it comes to incoming weather.

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