How to embrace National Clean Out Your Computer Day

How to embrace National Clean Out Your Computer Day

(KFVS) - The second Monday in February marks another one of those obscure national holidays.

Feb. 8 is National Clean Out Your Computer Day, a holiday worth adding to your calendar.

The goal: remind you to keep all you digital work-spaces clean and organized. In doing so, you run a greater chance of having a machine that runs efficiently.

Literally "clean" your computer

Overtime, your desktop, keyboard, vents and fans can easily clog with dirt and dust. This can cause your computer to overheat. The best solution is to  clean it out with a can of compressed air that can typically be found at Walmart or office supply store.

Eliminate clutter

Do you have any old files or programs you haven't accessed in more than a year? Chances are good you won't need them. For that reason, you can drag them to the trash. Doing this makes it easier for you to navigate your screen, and helps your computer take less time booting up, since it won't have to refresh all those icons.

Defrag your operating system

Microsoft recommends running built-in utilities, like Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter, on a regular basis.

Other operating systems should have similar utilities. By running these, you can fix common problems, reduce demands on your system, and shut off unused background programs.

Run an anti-virus program

An anti-virus program can detect and eliminate hidden malware and viruses that unknowingly accumulate from clicking pop-ups and browsing less-than-reputable websites. These programs identify and target files that show signs of virus behavior.

To prevent an infection, make sure to update your application when new versions become available.

Make it a habit

Going forward, it's worth your time to set up virus scanners, backups and other tools to run regularly without you needing to remember to start them up.

It's also a good idea to restart your computer at least once a week.

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