Scott Co. bar patrons share fun-loving atmosphere for Super Bowl

Scott Co. bar patrons come together for Super Bowl fun

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A bar and grill in rural Scott County, Missouri usually is pretty busy on most nights. However, on Sunday, what started out as nine people at the beginning of the Super Bowl, grew to about a dozen.

"It is hard to predict," bar manager Heather McCurter said. "You never know. Some people want to be with their families and then some people want to come out and have free food on a big screen and be with the locals."

But sales aren't the most important when it comes to JP's Place Bar and Grill for the big game. It's people and an environment many there say is what makes this place the spot to be at when watching the game.

"It's very uncommon here, especially in southeast Missouri," Abney Mehrer said. "I'd rather come to this bar than any other bar around here."

The fryers and grills were turned off at JP's Place on Sunday night.

Employees weren't worried so much about food sales; they just like the atmosphere their customers help provide.

In fact, the owner welcomed locals to bring in their own food for the Super Bowl gathering. One section of the bar was filled with plates of food that nearly outnumber the customers here.

"The people here are really kind and friendly," Mehrer said. "They told us to come here to watch the Super Bowl. They brought food and stuff for everybody and it's a good atmosphere."

While many stay home and don't risk drinking and driving, people here feel right at home with other customers and staff.

For those who do drink here, employees and friends rise above to take them home or call a taxi for them so they can stay safe.

"DWI is a risk for anybody," McCurter said. "However at this bar, we try to treat them as if it was our sister or brother and get them home. We try not to let them drive. We try to take care of them just like we would family."

Employees say it's not about the amount of people that walk through their doors. It's about the quality of those customers and what they bring to the comforting atmosphere.

As the Denver Broncos scored the first field goal and touchdown, the dozen there just kept on talking to each other as if the televisions weren't even on.

They had the same reaction when the Carolina Panthers scored the next touchdown.

Many customers aren't even rooting for a particular team. They are content with just visiting with each other and telling stories.

"We all like to have fun just like the customers," McCurter said. "It's kind of a friendly, fun-ly atmosphere, like a big house party in a sense."

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