Paramedic helps save life on busy Super Bowl day

Paramedic helps save life on busy Super Bowl day

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - For those who drink and drive after the Super Bowl, there is a chance it will ruin your day (whether your favorite team lost the big game or not) or end someone else's.

Tyler Chrestman, EMTP with the Cape County Private Ambulance Service in Cape Girardeau said they tend to have a lull during when the Super Bowl is on. But afterward, they usually get a higher amount of calls.

"Especially days like today, it's a big party day," Chrestman said. "I know people are going to be out having a good time so tonight, we might run on some more inebriated people that we normally would on a Sunday."

Chrestman also said they have already had an unusual busy day so far as far as calls are concerned. As of 1 p.m., they have already had to dispatch to five different locations where their services were needed.

One of those calls was that of a person needing emergency services. The victims was presumed to be dead at a local Cape Girardeau restaurant earlier Sunday.

Chrestman said one of his paramedics helped save this person's life by performing CPR until they arrived at the hospital where he was revived.

Meanwhile, the main threat Chrestman feels for Sunday night is the many calls of people who are intoxicated. And while he feels people usually don't call until after the Super Bowl ends, he is hopeful that anyone who has an emergency, at anytime, should not wait.

"It's definitely not recommended to wait in that instance," Chrestman said. "When you're getting a pain, if you get a pain in your chest for example, the old saying is time is muscle."

"So somebody who waits to call 911 is going to have a more detrimental effect later on then if they just call when it starts."

Chrestman said anyone that drinks should do so moderately and responsibly to help minimize the risk of endangering themselves or anyone else.

"People kind of take it lightly," Chrestman said. "It kind of goes along the lines of well it never happens to me so you don't see it everyday as we do here on the ambulance. Drinking and driving, drinking and texting and driving, we see these kind of accidents happen every day of the year. And it does get worse on days like today."

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