LaCenter police arrest FL husband and wife on drug charges

LaCenter police arrest FL husband and wife on drug charges

LACENTER, KY (KFVS) - LaCenter Police Chief Kevin Green is reporting a Florida man and his wife have been arrested on drug-related charges on Friday, Feb. 5.

LaCenter Police Chief Kevin Green was contacted by a female subject located in the Morrow Funeral Home parking lot with a cattle hauler. Chief Green responded to the location of the female subject, who he identified as Christina Pearce, 25 of Pensacola, Florida. Mrs. Pearce told police that her and her husband, the driver of the cattle hauler, had been involved in a verbal domestic incident. Mrs. Pearce told police that she believed her husband, Lawrence Pearce, 45 of Pace, Florida, was under the influence. Mrs. Pearce advised officer that he was known to use Methamphetamine.

An officer spoke to Mr. Pearce about the verbal domestic incident. Officers received verbal consent from Mr. Pearce to search the vehicle in light of the allegations his wife reported to officers.

Chief Green made contact with McCracken K9 Deputy Steve Croft to assist. K9 Deputy Croft told Chief Green his K9 had been alerted to a location in the sleeper berth area. Officers searched the vehicle and located crystal Methamphetamine in a small zip lock baggy, along with a silvertone cylinder containing white residue.

Both Lawrence Pearce and Christina Pearce were taken into custody without incident.

They have been charged with possession of a controlled substance in the first degree (a class D felony) and public intoxication (a class B misdemeanor).

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