Businesses get ready for Super Bowl Sunday

Local businesses prepare for Super Bowl

(KFVS) - After Friday, some football fans will be planning their big Super Bowl Sunday in more ways than one .

Richard Loos plans to lie on the couch with his Dr. Pepper on Super Bowl Sunday.

He said he plans to watch event though the Rams left St. Louis.

"I'm a Rams fan, but [not anymore]," Loos said.

He said he might make a decision on a team by Sunday but, he doubts it. His biggest hope is for this year's Super Bowl is that there won't be any cheating like there was last year.

Loos said his daughter is an assistant manager of a grocery store in St. Louis and he thinks she will be wore out from how busy her store will be on Saturday.

"She said Saturday will be a busier day than Christmas," Loos said.

He said he is a bigger baseball fan but he will definitely watch the Super Bowl looks forward to the commercials.

Latoya Bell plans to watch the Sunday game with family and friends too. Bell said she loves to cook for any occasion and she already has in mind what her family and friends will want to eat.

"Hot wings of course, and they also like Rotel and you know, I'll have other snacks," Bell said. "Well to be honest, I love to cook everything, I don't have a special dish. But, I do love to see everyone gather around together to watch the game, you know?"

Last year, Bell said she spent the Super Bowl at a friends house but this year she's going to enjoy cooking at home.

"It's just that moment you're at home you can get comfortable," Bell said.

"I hope both teams win but we know that's no way possible that will happen but I just root on for both of them I'm there for the entertainment and the fun and especially the halftime."

Local Cape Girardeau General Manager Paul Blaylock said everyone wants to stay home for the Super Bowl and it's their job to get people out of their homes.

"Well we do a lot of prepping for the Super Bowl but do it in a different fashion," Blaylock said.

His business tries to get people interested by advertising in advance specials for people who might not want to cook on game day. He said he already has orders for take out and said most people want wings for Super Bowl Sunday.

Blaylock has been in the industry for over the twelve years and he said he's noticed a decline of people going out and instead staying at home.

Blaylock is also a Missouri Rams fan and he said he isn't rooting for anyone specific.

"My team is gone and has moved to LA," Blaylock said. "So, I'm crushed by that, but I don't have anybody specific that I'm rooting for."

From local businesses to your living room, there are plenty of different ways to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.

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