TVs are getting bigger and better than ever

What's new in the world of home entertainment

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you're in the market for a new TV, you can stop by your local big box store and get a 70-inch TV for around $1,200 with no problem.

But can you remember the days when a 70 inch TV seemed unobtainable?

Or crazy expensive?

Those days are gone - and the business of home entertainment is booming for big stores and smaller, local stores alike.

Scott Starzinger, one of the owners of HD Media Systems in Cape Girardeau, says a lot of people are asking them about 4K TVs.

So what exactly is 4K?

According to Scott, it comes down to picture clarity, and simple math - 4K is going to be 4 times better than a current top-of-the-line 1080p television.

But, there are drawbacks.

For one, 4K TVs are more expensive than, say, an HD smart TV. Plus, there is not currently very much 4K content out there right now.

Starzinger says an option for people with a bigger budget who want a bigger setup might be projections TVs. The projection TV offers a bigger screen, like more than 80 inches.

But, while the picture is bigger, projection TVs are probably not something you want to watch every day.

The drawback is the bulb in the projector - they don't last forever and they can be expensive to replace (around $300 - 600).

If you're really looking to upgrade (and have a hefty home entertainment budget), HD Media offers a combo of 4K and a projection TV on a 100 inch screen.

It's the closest thing to a movie theater in your house - without ACTUALLY building a movie theater in your house.

Just be prepared to drop $15,000!

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