Ballard County School District looking for bus drivers

Ballard County School District looking for bus drivers

BALLARD COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - Many school districts across the Heartland are in need of good school bus drivers.

In western Kentucky, the Ballard County School district is looking for drivers.

They're reaching out to stay-at-home parents, retirees, or anyone who might be interested in becoming a school bus driver or monitor.

Transportation Director Darrell Sullivan says the district is always looking for qualified candidates.

He said training to become a driver can begin almost immediately.

On-site driver training includes memorizing the parts of a bus and what deficiencies to look for, and the driving skills needed to safely operate a bus.

Those interested can apply at by clicking the "Employment Opportunities" tab on the left of the home page.

Sullivan says after successful application and a background check, one-on-one training for a Commercial Drivers' License (CDL) is provided on-site.

After passing the CDL exam, the CDL portion of the fee is reimbursed by the district.

Sub drivers are considered part-time and used as needed.

Many sub drivers become regular route drivers as openings appear.

Regular routes are full-time positions and have an increasing pay scale.

Full-time drivers receive benefits, including low-cost health insurance, paid dental and vision insurance, a retirement plan, paid sick days, life insurance and access to other types of insurance.

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