This week in music: 1984

This week in music: 1984

(KFVS) - Let's step into our Breakfast Show time machine and travel back to this week in 1984.

Ronald Reagan defeated Walter Mondale by a landslide as he was re-elected President.

People were having a laugh at the movies as the biggest hits of the year were Beverly Hills Cop and Ghostbusters.

On TV people were tuning into the prime time soaps Dynasty and Dallas.

And if you were listening to the radio this week 32 years ago these are the songs you likely heard.

Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 had Van Halen at number 5 with Jump which became the band's biggest and most recognizable hit.

A big comeback for a group from the 1970's.  Yes was at number 4 with Owner of a Lonely Heart. You probably remember the video of that song was shown in heavy rotation on MTV.

The Romantics, a band out of Detroit, was in the number three spot with Talking in Your Sleep.

At number two was the song Johanna, which was a ballad by Kool and the Gang. It was quite a departure from the group's previous hits like Jungle Boogie, Celebration and Get Down On It.

And in the top spot was the first an only number one single by a British band with a gender-bending lead vocalist.  Boy George and Culture Club were at the peak of their popularity when Karma Chameleon hit the top of the charts this week in 1984.

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