Elverado School District Makes Cuts

Elverado School District Makes Cuts
By: Arnold Wyrick
Elkville, Illinois - "It all comes down to numbers. You can't spend what you don't have," says Elverado School District 186 Superintendent Rebecca Canty.
Recently the Elverado School Board decided to cut 13 teaching positions, two teachers aides, and eliminate the 5th, and 6th grade sports programs. Along with the school districts music program.
"You never feel comfortable making cuts, because you know it always has an impact on kids. But we're trying to equally distribute the pain," Superintendent Canty said.
But the pain is being felt among parents like Melody Ross whose daughter has played the flute in the school band since 5th grade.
"The cost of the instruments are so high, even when you rent them. We decided to go ahead and purchase one, because we told her if she started something, she had to finish it. And now we're going to be out $650.00 for a flute she won't be able to use," Ross said.
The school district expects to save more than $700,000 with the layoffs and cutbacks. Then they'll tap into some energy saving grants in an effort to save even more dollars. But Superintendent Canty says just how the cutbacks, and layoffs will affect students and the district is to early to tell.
"We'll have to reassess, if that doesn't work out and see what else needs to be done," Canty said.
Candace Johnson's more concerned about how her children are going to deal with the loss of their teacher.
"The school district is real big on telling us that our kids needs stability at home. My question is what about stability at school? If you have strangers in your school every year, you don't make any bonds with any teachers from previous years. Those bonds to some kids are just as important as bonds between parents," Johnson said.
School district residents will get to decide if they want to help out the district with their money woes during the upcoming election on April 5th. That's when voters will cast their ballots for an Educational Referendum, funded by an increase in property taxes.