Woman speaks out on Leap Day Tornado, diagnosed with PTSD

Woman speaks out on Leap Day Tornado, diagnosed with PTSD

PUXICO, MO (KFVS) - Four years ago this month, hundreds in the Heartland were affected by the leap Day tornado.

At least one woman in Puxico is still dealing with the aftermath as she copes with Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

Lindsey Kidd's Puxico, Mo. home was reduced to a pile of rubble in 2012.

Although it's now been rebuilt and refurbished, Kidd has been dealing with panic attacks and PTSD symptoms ever since.

The EF-3 tornado destroyed her neighborhood and killed her next door neighbor's husband after their trailer was picked up and thrown into the next lot.

"She had to have pins and rods and things inserted," Kidd said. "It just rolled like a dryer and they tumbled out and they just fell out where it left them"

Kidd says she has an "extremely heightened fear" of any sort of severe weather since the incident, which is what led her to get diagnosed.

"Being in that room, sleeping in that spot." Kidd said. "Going to bed and the wind would be waking you up and just laying there with my heart racing."

Southern Illinois Psychiatry psychiatrist Naeem A. Qureshi said Wednesday PTSD has an unhealthy stigma attached to it, especially when its unrelated to military combat.

"I always looked at it as less on the spectrum of PTSD," Kidd said. "Compared to a hero of this country."

Qureshi says that stigma leads to un-diagnosed cases across the country.

Eight million Americans deal with PTSD in any given year according to the US department of Veteran Affairs.

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