Earthquake program focuses on safety and preparedness

Earthquake program focuses on safety and preparedness

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Dozens from the Heartland attended a Quakesmart Business Preparedness Program on Wednesday at the SEMO River Campus.

There they learned of different ways to be prepared in case a significant earthquake were to hit the area.

They focused on businesses and schools and how to make sure you minimize possible injuries that could occur when a earthquake hits.

There were five main areas they focused on: staff, space, systems, structure and service.

Staff includes planning and preparedness activities for the protection of a business's staff.

Space includes the contents of your work space such as furniture, computers, equipment, etc.

One main focus is to properly anchor items like these so they will not fall easily and possibly injure a person.

Systems include utility systems like fire sprinkler systems, water heaters, propane tanks and more.

Structure includes the architectural and structural elements of the building that may be vulnerable to collapse of failure during a quake.

Service includes opportunities for a business to engage and serve the community following an event.

"There's a real risk here. They're about 200 earthquakes, many of them too small to be felt. But a lot of activity that goes on in this region every year," says Jeff Briggs, Earthquake Program Manager.

"And you know our schools house a whole lot of people, a whole lot of kids and if an older school district is not ready, there is serious safety issues there."

Vendors were there also to offer different ways to help teach ways to better prepare as well.

Some had demonstrations, charts and other information on hand.

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