Litter Clean-Up Meeting Set for Wednesday

Litter Clean-Up Meeting Set for Wednesday
By: Ryan Tate
Cape Girardeau, Missouri - Missouri Department of Transportation leaders, state conservation officials, along with city and local leaders will meet Wednesday in Cape Girardeau for an organizational meeting about litter. The organizers of the meeting tell Heartland News this is the best time to organize their efforts, because there is momentum to clean-up local neighborhoods.
"It's up to the individual. They can help stop the litter from being thrown out of cars," Missouri Department of Transportation District Engineer Scott Meyer said.
With most of the organizations setting up clean-up efforts this spring, the groups decided to get together so they don't clean up the same areas. According to Meyer, litter continues to be a problem for Southeast Missouri.
"We came through in February and with incarcerate crews, and it was a mess. All it takes is one person and it's back to were we started [before the clean-up]," Meyer said.
Meyer says the State of Missouri spends more than six million dollars a year just in litter clean-up. He says it's one of the only instances where money is spent and nothing is produced.