Hunters take part in unlimited snow geese hunts

Hunters take part in unlimited snow geese hunts

UNION COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Millions of snow geese are migrating back to Canada from the south and they're stopping off in the Heartland on their way.

They may be neat to look at, but because there are so many of these geese, they're creating problems for not only their own species, but others.

That's why hunters in Illinois are given the go-ahead to take as many as they can. It's all a part of an effort to control the snow geese population, but for the hunters it's also a hobby.

Hunters with Snows Unlimited are taking unlimited shots.

Conservation agents say snow geese are overpopulated, but even though the season has little limitations, it's barely making a dent in the growing geese population.

"You know, there's no limits, unplugged shotguns, everything you do to try to kill these things, there's still an increase on them," Snows Unlimited Co-owner and Guide James Frerking said. "We are doing our best but really it's not enough."

Frerking says not only does overpopulation threaten disease and crowding, it also destroys breeding grounds.

"In the tundra they're eating themselves out and they're destroying the habitat for the ducks and the Canada geese up there," Frerking said.

Even though they may be somewhat of a nuisance to mother-nature, hunters with this hobby say there's rarely a dull moment.

"You can go duck hunting…you're not seeing this much action," Frerking said.

In just more than two hours, a pair of hunters already had 11 in the bag. Frerking says on a good, full day a group will take up to 50 birds.

So, with the help of Dakota the dogs, lots of loud calls, plus a good guide, and a whole lot of birds, it's the perfect hunting experience.

Snow geese season stretches through March, depending on what zone you live in.

For more information on the hunts, visit Snows Unlimited.

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