MO lawmaker pushes for privacy for lottery winners

MO lawmaker wants to make lottery winners more private

MISSOURI (KFVS) - If you win the jackpot in Missouri, your name will become public.

According to the Missouri Lottery, your name and hometown are considered public information, and they will be released to the media.

"Not only is this information public by law, publishing it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the Lottery's games," the Missouri Lottery says online. "If players were never provided with actual names, they may not believe the games are real or fair."

However, one Missouri lawmaker is looking to change that.

It would prohibit the lottery commission, state employees, and those contracting with the state or commission to operate the lottery from publishing the name, address, or other identifying information about a lottery winner. To do so, the lottery winner must provide written consent authorizing this information can be published.

This bill was read for the second time in the House on Feb. 1.

Next, it'll head to the proper committee. A hearing will be held to allow discussion from proponents and opponents of the bill.

This current bill has not been scheduled for a hearing yet.

A similar bill was introduced in 2015, however, it never made it past a hearing in Emerging Issues.

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