FEMA goes door-to-door across southeast Missouri

FEMA goes door-to-door across southeast Missouri

ST. MARY, MO (KFVS) - Federal Emergency Management Agency crews have been going door to door across flood impacted areas in southeast Missouri.

FEMA says they are leaving notes on peoples doors for FEMA registration along with checking the current standing of people's registration.

They are also informing victims that they can register immediately with them on their iPads as they go door-to-door.

"There have been 33 counties that were declared a disaster under the federal declaration from the president," Media Relations Specialist with FEMA Deanna Frazier said.

Frazier said people who were affected by the flooding are encouraged to register with FEMA for possible assistance.

"There are assistance teams, in the affected areas, going door-to-door trying to meet these survivors in their homes," Frazier said.

On Friday, FEMA knocked on the door of the Richardsons, a family of six, in St. Mary, Mo.

When FEMA asked if they had registered yet, they answered yes.

Amy Richardson said she has already started to fill out the necessary paper work to get assistance.

She filed paperwork through the city, filed her claim for with her flood insurance and was able to register for FEMA assistance online.

Richardson said the registration took 10 minutes.

"We really don't know what to expect, we have flood insurance so a lot of the things we don't qualify for," Richardson said. "But, we hope we can qualify for some temporary housing because flood insurance doesn't cover that. [The inspector] took our information and said he will contact us in 7 to ten business days."

Typically, it can take seven to ten days for an inspector to come evaluate the standing of your home. But, the inspector who came to the Richardson's visited their house two days after filling out their FEMA registration.

After the inspection, Richardson said she doesn't know what to expect. She's hoping for a temporary place for her family of six to stay while her house is being fixed from the flood.

"They send it all by text message and email, Richardson said. "So, it was really easy for us to access because you can't keep track of paper work when you're not able to be at home in your office. So, it's good that they can contact you with text message or email."

Frazier also said the help is not based on income anyone who has been affected can qualify for assistance; residents can expect a determination letter after registration within 21 days.

There are three kinds of assistance available through FEMA:

  • Rental assistance, available for up to three months
  • Federal funding available for home repair
  • Replacement of personal property

In about a week the Richardsons will get a letter showing what they qualify for.

Media spokesperson for FEMA said Missouri has until March 21, 2016 to register.

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