Paducah Coca-Cola plant takes on a new face

New restaurant coming to old Coke plant building in Paducah

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - The Coke plant in Paducah, KY will soon open a new restaurant called Mellow Mushroom.

Co-owner Ed Musselman says he is really thankful for the amount of budget he can work with to get back to the local artist community.

Musselman and his wife have been working on the building since they got it in 2013.

"We want this to be a locally driven project," Musselman said.

Musselman gave the history of Luther Carson who started the bottling company in 1939. He was the 7th bottler in the world.

"We wanted to save this building, we wanted to embrace and showcase what makes Paducah great, what makes the local area outside of Paducah great, and then also try to bring something new and exciting to the community," Musselman said.

It currently has a brewery called Dry Ground Brewing and the new eatery is set to open sometime in 2016.

"We love historic downtown Paducah," Musselman said. "We always wanted to own a historic building in Paducah....We really get to drive the design and motif. We are going to pay respects to the building."

Musselman said they have an arts package in order to decorate the space.

"We're primarily, if not exclusively, all going to be exclusively done by local artists," Musselman said.

The co-owner said the restaurant will showcase Paducah talent that otherwise could have been something that was outsourced.

"We've been very selective and very methodical on the process," Musselman said. "And the more methodical you are certainly the more opportunities for road blocks and barriers and we certainly appreciate everyone's support for this."

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