Cape Girardeau woman details potential poisoning incident

Cape girardeau PD investigate mysterious powder left in woman's car

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Imagine running inside a store and coming back out to find something in your car that wasn't there before. That's what happened to a Cape Girardeau woman.

"About three in the afternoon I went to Walmart," Kaemen Bailey said. "I came out about 3:30 and I got into my car and my car had a piece of paper, a little white piece of paper and it was stuck in this little area."

Bailey said when she saw the strange item in her steering wheel, she immediately started to check her surroundings.

"I let it sit there," she said. "I looked around to all the cars around me to see if anyone was looking at me. I looked at all the makes and models of all the cars."

When Bailey didn't see anyone looking, she said she left the parking lot and opened the paper at the next intersection.

That's when she said some kind of white powder got on her hands. She said she smelled it and knew something was wrong.

"I immediately felt dizzy," Bailey said. "My chest got really tight like I couldn't breathe and it smelled like vinegar. It was a sour, strong, weird distinct smell and I just knew something was wrong."

Bailey took the paper to Cape Girardeau police. They encouraged her to go to the hospital.

Bailey said doctors couldn't check to see if it was poison, but sent it to the lab to be tested.

While she waits to find out what that white powder really is, she wants all of us to be on alert.

"Be aware of every details because those things can either save your life or kill you," Bailey said.

Bailey admits she probably didn't lock her car when she ran into the store that night.

No word yet on how long those tests on the powder might take.

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