Morehouse, MO water woes continue

Morehouse, MO water woes continue

MOREHOUSE, MO (KFVS) - A tiny, Missouri Bootheel town is once again complaining of water issues.

Morehouse in New Madrid County has experienced problems before with their drinking water appearing brown.

"We drink it now because we have no other choice," one resident said. "A lot of my family and friends don't because they buy the bottled water. Then you have to pay the water bill and that adds up."

Out of options, one Morehouse resident, who asked us to conceal her identity, said there are days she is forced to drink what she describes as, "brown, smelly water."

"That is why a lot of times I drink out of a glass with a straw so that I can't smell it," she said.

For years, she claims the water has caused her health problems, and left marks in her sinks and bathtubs.

"There is no telling what is in it. Even if you boil it, it is still going to look like that," she said.

We also heard from several other residents through social media, who shared pictures of water they say in undrinkable.

The city's licensed water operator, Kevin Sutton, said they draw water samples once a month for testing; and that to date, it is safe to drink.

The New Madrid County Health Department explained that sometimes when there is too much iron in the water, it can cause it to become discolored, but is still safe to drink.

If you would like to have your water tested, you call the County Health Department.

The city's mayor did not return our calls for comment.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources strongly encouraged residents to notify their local drinking water provider, or they may contact DNR's Southeast Regional Office at 573-840-9750 to file a complaint.

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