IL residents have anticipated hopes for Gov. Rauner's State of the State address

IL residents have anticipated hopes for Gov. Rauner's State of the State address

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Governor Bruce Rauner will be delivering his second State of the State address on Wednesday at noon.

Southern Illinois residents weighed in on what they'd like Gov. Rauner to talk about.

Topics ranged from higher education to public health, but the first item on the agenda many said, was the budget.

The state is going into its eighth month without one, and it's something Miriam Link-Mullison, director for the Jackson County Health Department, says once there is an agreement to one, it'll still be a long road to recovery for many services and programs throughout the state.

"The decisions that are being made for fiscal responsibility are causing so many problems that are going to take so long to take and will cost more money to fix," Link-Mullison said.

For Brandi Husch, a student trustee at John A. Logan College, she says she's hoping higher education will be on the agenda.

"Education is a power house and a drive for a big part of the community," Husch said. "And I see no benefit in not funding it at all. It's been since July of last year since higher education has received any kind of funding and we've been left to figure things out without getting things that were promised."

Link-Mullison says she's seen changes to the whole infrastructure of public health, social services and higher education that are not going to be easily reversed.

"You know, staff are losing jobs, faculty are leaving, they're having a hard time attracting new people to those positions. We see the whole system is becoming more and more frail," she said. "And many many people who need services are going without services and it's just getting worse everyday as we sit here and wait for a resolution."

For Shanikka Love, a new mother apart of Shawnee Healthy Families, a home visiting program for first-time parents and their children, says the program has helped her in many ways as she takes care of her 8-month old daughter.

The program is a blessing," Love said. "If they cut the program just imagine how many moms would be struggling and with their needs. And it helps us get childcare. And if we can't get childcare then we can't work, so we're just what? Left out there."

With the state going into its eighth month without a budget, she says enough is enough and it's time to for lawmakers to come to an agreement.

"They're making it harder than what it really has to be," Love said. Eight months? My baby is 8 months. I had a baby and everything and y'all still haven't decided what y'all wanted to do so just figure it out, just figure it out. It's not that hard."

KFVS will be live streaming the State of the State address at noon. 

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