Golden Giveaway winners

Daily winners listed below

THIS JUST IN!! Response to our giveaway was so great we've decided to give away 12 more! Just text "gold" to 91212 or CLICK HERE to enter. Then watch Heartland News tonight after a special Stephen Colbert to see if you're a winner.

Sunday, February 7th
--Tabitha Hughes - Anna
--Mary Green - Murphysboro
--Marylou Elfen - Paducah
--Emmet Sutterer - Perryville
--Crystal Bess - Dexter

Saturday, February 6th
--Tom Halter - Cape Girardeau
--Anna Higgs - Poplar Bluff
--Jerry Peacock - Dexter
--Jeannie Cain - Charleston
--Denise Sullivan - West Frankfort

Friday, February 5th
--Debbie Gearhart - Pomona
--Bobby Robertson - Boaz
--Rob Kitchell - Piedmont
--Larry Spoon - Marion
--April Swofford - Jackson

Thursday, February 4th
--Christy Henson - Piedmont
--Brenda Moore - Sikeston
--Renee L. Hayden - Marble Hill
--Rhonda Craft - Bernie
--Christy Gruenewald - Sedgewickville

Wednesday, February 3rd
--Brenda Robbins - Perryville
--Vicky Burkhart - Fredericktown
--Pamala Taylor - Christopher
--Doris Johnson - Poplar Bluff
--Wendell Watkins - Cape Girardeau

Tuesday, February 2nd
--Candy Drum - Perryville
--Cathy Wrinkle - Poplar Bluff
--Debby Boone - Fredericktown
--Laura Linton - Perryville
--Dana Byassee - Essex

Monday, February 1st
--Mary Twidwell - Cape Girardeau
--Penny Hindman - Anna
--Brett Butler - Carbondale
--Terry Laminack-Brunzel - Essex
--Dennis Croft - Jackson

Sunday, January 31st
--Trish Biggs - Carbondale
--Barbara McDonald - Perryville
--Michele Heinz - Benton, Illinois
--Patty Yount - Fredericktown
--Scott Yoder - Fredericktown

Saturday, January 30th
--Floyd McMannis - Murphysboro
--Tonie Keller - Fredericktown
--Amy Hopper - Sikeston
--Kenneth Kirkwood - Malden
--Melissa Rider - Dongola

Friday, January 29th
--Keith Willis - Poplar Bluff
--Ed Swinney - Sikeston
--Lisa Isom - Marble Hill
--Chuck Wolters - Jackson
--Jill Bryant - Cape Girardeau