Health experts say kids and energy drinks don't mix

Health experts say kids and energy drinks don't mix
Energy drink consumption among kids is on the rise and that has some health experts concerned.
A recent study found 40 percent of all energy-drink-related calls to poison control centers involved kids younger than the age of six.
Experts say the drinks are loaded with sugar and can lead to medical complications like juvenile diabetes and irregular heartbeats.
"Kids are growing they need their beverages to count toward their nutrition goal for the day,” Cape Girardeau registered dietitian Christa Hudson said. “So more nutrient dense beverages such as milk or 100% fruit juices, or the nutrition shakes… would be a lot more beneficial."
Hudson said even for adults, energy drinks provide little nutrition.
For the caffeine addicts, new dietary guidelines say coffee is your best bet and allow for up to five cups a day.

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