Early, mail-in voting to be delayed in Illinois

Early, mail-in voting to be delayed in Illinois

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - Jackson County Clerk Larry W. Reinhardt announced on Monday, Jan. 24 early and mail voting in Illinois, and thus Jackson County, will be delayed until Feb. 17 due to a lack of final certification of candidates for the office of President of the United States.

Reinhardt said objections have been filed against the candidacy of several candidates from both major parties in the state of Illinois. He said the State Board of Elections (SBE) is currently working their way through the objection process to determine who will or will not remain on the ballot for the March 15 General Primary Election in Illinois.

Certification has been completed for all other federal, state and local candidates.

"Jackson County will hopefully have ballots ready to go out on or before Feb. 17, which marks the first day of Grace Period Voting," Reinhardt said. "Every effort will be made to be ready prior to this date with the 17 being a last resort."

Without a final certification and verification of all candidates, election officials in Illinois cannot program, print and test primary election ballots. The SBE schedule currently calls for all objections to be finalized on or about Feb. 11 and certified to election officials shortly thereafter. Once this certification is completed offices can then begin the process of producing ballots for in-person and mail voters.

By federal law, military and overseas voters will be given a federal Presidential Write-In Ballot to use if they choose, rather than waiting on the full replacement ballot. All local voters will be asked to hold off until Feb. 17 to cast a ballot. Ballot and/or mall-in ballots will be sent out then.

Once completed, a list of candidates and other election information will be available on the Jackson County website at jacksoncounty-il.gov, you can e-mail the County Clerk at Jackson.county@live.com ,or call the County Clerk's Office at (618)-687-7360 to obtain election information.

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