Dog abandoned near graveyard in Franklin County, IL recovering nicely

Dog abandoned near graveyard in Franklin County, IL recovering nicely

FRANKLIN COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - After being rescued on the side of the road Jan.10, The Perry County Humane Society says Gabrielle the dog is getting better every day.

Currently, her caretakers say the 1-year-old mix breed dog has been undergoing medicated baths every three days to help treat her extreme case of mange.

Alice Swetland, the Vice President of The Perry County Humane Society says they are making a big difference.

"Her swelling has gone down 75%," Swetland said, "and her open wounds are healing."

Gabrielle is even seeing new growth thanks to her treatments.

"She's getting in some tiny new hairs in some spots," Swetland said. "Her face is a lot softer now."

The dog was found malnourished and for days she had very low energy, but that is starting to change as well.

"She fetches and has a favorite talking ball," Swetland said. "I think she has been gaining weight too."

According to volunteers at the humane society, a man was driving home in Franklin County when he saw a sheet in a ditch near the cemetery.

He then stopped when he saw the dog, which he originally thought was dead, before she started moving.

The dog spent the night at animal control in Franklin County before being taken to the Perry County Humane Society.

Gabrielle had mange, open wounds, bleeding pads, infections and swollen legs and paws.

"This is the worst case we have ever seen. We've never seen anything this bad," said Alice Swetland, Vice President of The Perry County Humane Society.

The Humane Society says she has a tumor on her neck, and is extremely malnourished.

Thankfully, however, officials at the Perry County Humane Society in Du Quoin, Illinois say she tested negative for heartworms.

While she will eventually be available for adoption, volunteers have told us that she has a long road to recovery, lasting at least a couple months.

"The instant she came in this building she knew she was saved. You could tell. All she had was unconditional love," Swetland said.

If you have any idea who might be responsible, please notify The Franklin County Sheriff's Department or Animal Control.

"If you see something, say something. It's hard for us to find everything," said Thad Snell, a Franklin County Animal Control Supervisor. "We can't drive around 24/7 looking for it. It's much easier when people tell us what's going on."

Now that Gabrielle is safe and warm Alice says her future is a bright one.

"Happiness and love, and just pure joy, because whoever adopts her will know her story and we will find the perfect home for her," Swetland said.

Donations can be made to PCHS for Gabrielle medical bills by visiting the shelter or using the Paypal link on their website here.

Follow along with Gabrielle's progress on their Facebook page.

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