Jackson Co., IL files lawsuit against state for salary reimbursements

Jackson Co., IL files lawsuit against state for salary reimbursements

JACKSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - A lawsuit has been filed by Jackson County State's Attorney Michael C. Carr on behalf of Jackson County to recover salary reimbursement payments from the State of Illinois.

According to the lawsuit, the payments have been withheld from Jackson County since June 2015.

The director of revenue, Constance Beard, and the comptroller of the State of Illinois, Leslie Geissler Munger, are named as defendants in the lawsuit, which was filed in the circuit court on Friday, January 22.

Earlier in the week, the Jackson County Board unanimously voted to sue the state for failure to make salary reimbursements to the county for salaries of the state's attorney, the public defender and supervisor of assessments as required by law.

The amount in question is approximately $156,000.

Count One of the complaint asks the court to order the two public officials to comply with the law in accordance with their duties.

The Illinois State Revenue Sharing Act creates the Illinois Property Tax Replacement Fund as a Special Fund in the state treasury. It provides for the allocation of payment of revenues to taxing districts, including Jackson County, based upon a continuing appropriation, meaning such expenditures are authorized by law for multiple fiscal periods, on a continuing basis, without the necessity of further legislative action.

Under the law, the director of the Department of Revenue is to allocate tax payments made to the fund to the counties and certify the appropriations to the state comptroller, who is required to pay the taxing districts the respective amounts required by law.

Count Two seeks judgment concerning the rights and obligations of the parties and a preliminary and permanent injunction requiring defendants to comply with the law.

Assistant State's Attorneys Patrick J. Brewster and Daniel Brenner are responsible for handling this litigation on the part of the county.

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