Everyday Hero: Emma Lambert

Everyday Hero: Emma Lambert

LILBOURN, MO (KFVS) - Most everyone has a passion for something.

It may be a job or your family or a hobby.

Emma Lambert's passion is taking care of children and through that she's traveled the world to make a difference.

"This is kinda what the houses look like. The fences and trees."

Growing up in Lilbourn, Missouri, Emma Lambert knows all about small town life.

But that's still big city living compared to the villages she visits in Honduras.

"It's really neat," said Everyday Hero Emma Lambert. "Getting to see all the people and how they live."

She's made the mission trip three times, with a fourth visit coming in the next few weeks.

"It's really special to get to go back and see all the kids that live there. A lot of them have been abandoned or orphaned so it's really great to get to have a relationship with them."

A relationship that's nourished by spreading the gospel and administering care.

"They're so grateful that there's other Christians in the world who care about them and who are coming to help their people. Because a lot of the places are two or three hours away from the closest town, much less the closest hospital," Lambert said.

It's an experience that has shaped Emma's future as she plans to get a nursing degree and become a missionary.

"There's bigger cities, but a lot of places we go don't have electricity, they don't have hot water, medical care, schools. It's a big eye opener."

She's no doubt had an impact on the lives of many, but they've shaped who she is too.

"Something that may seem difficult to me is not that big of a deal," she said. "Because some people don't know where their next meal is coming from. So it puts things in perspective."

While her passion may take her to other countries, she finds ways to impact children at home too.

Like by teaching children's church on Sundays as her father takes the pulpit.

Whether it's helping an orphan in Honduras or connecting with a child with autism in her Lilbourn church, as a high school senior Emma has already learned what it sometimes takes decades for others to figure out.

The satisfaction and unselfishness of service.

"To know that you can help somebody and it's not about getting anything back it's just that you might have made somebody's life better or easier," Lambert said.

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