Live news reporters: Unsung heroes on the front lines of the cold front

Roads conditions update from Marston, MO & Paducah, KY

(KFVS) - As someone who assigns folks (assistant news director) to stand in cold weather while it rains, sleets, snows and the wind blows I hope I show my appreciation. Friday morning's live shots were no exception.

The one question we always get is why? Why do we put people out in the weather and tell everyone else to stay home? The viewer knows that it is snowing.  The viewer knows it is cold. Why are we out in the bad weather telling people not to venture out?

The winter weather live shot is a rite of passage for most news reporters and photographers. It gets to be a badge of honor. Do you remember the time it was 22 below zero and the mast of the live truck froze? How about flying in a helicopter over a frozen city with the door open? Walking through flooded streets. Being shuttled to a wrecked tanker ship in the Oregon surf. How about the approaching tornado? Each event creates memories for the reporter.

But it also creates moments for the viewer. There is no better way to tell a story than to be in the midst of it. What does it feel like? How cold is the wind? What do you see, taste, smell? Tell me a story of your senses and make the viewer feel better because they have the sense to stay at home. Each live shot should create a memory. Sometimes I miss the chance of going out into the storm so I get to live the stories vicariously through my reporters and photographers.

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