This week in music: 1972

This week in music: 1972

(KFVS) - Let's turn back the clock and revisit the year--1972.

Richard Nixon and George McGovern were winning nominations in the Presidential race.

"Make Him and Offer He Can't Refuse." That was the movie quote of the year. It came from the biggest box office hit of 1972, The Godfather. Other big movies from 43 years ago were The Poseidon Adventure, What's Up Doc? and Deliverance.

On TV, people were watching All in the Family, Sanford and Son and Hawaii Five-O.

And on this week in '72 these were the songs being played on the radio and 8-track players.

Billboard's Hot 100 had Badfinger at number five with Day After Day. By the way, George Harrison played some of the slide guitar parts on the song.

Holding down the number four spot was Johnathon Edwards with his country-folk song Sunshine.

At number three was Al Green with his signature song Let's Stay Together, a song President Obama is known to sing from time to time.

In the number two spot was Melanie with Brand New Key.

At at the top of the charts was Don McLean with a song that had everyone asking about its meaning. American Pie spent four weeks at number one.
That's a look at music from the final week of January 1972.

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