Cold weather slowing cleanup in Alexander County

Cold weather slowing cleanup in Alexander County

OLIVE BRANCH, IL (KFVS) - Cleanup efforts after the New Year Flood have slowed in Alexander County, Illinois due to cold weather.

Like many others, for the second time in less than five years, Olive Branch resident Elmer Goskie is cleaning up from a flood.

"That pump kept this dry here until it come over the top," Goskie said of his porch room.

His home sits on the edge of Horseshoe Lake. That room, he said, saw 20 inches of water at the flood's highest mark.

Now, the falling flood water from last week has given way to falling temperatures; creating new issues for those working outside.

Volunteers with the Southern Baptist Convention have been busy tearing out wet floors and helping with the cleanup.

"Yeah, we just have to be real conscience of [the cold]," volunteer John Lindeman said.

After floods, Lindeman said it's typically the heat they have to deal with, but this week posed its own problems.

"Well it was very cold this week. Our teams had to dress appropriately," he said. "We tried to keep them inside."

So it's slow going for now, but long-time residents like Goskie say it's worth the fight.

"It is but it just takes time."

As for rebuilding the damaged portion of the Len Small Levee, county officials say they are still waiting on cost estimate from the Army Core of Engineers.

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