Cape Girardeau police warn of SMSiShing scam

Cape Girardeau police warn of SMSiShing scam

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Cape Girardeau police warn residents about SMSiShing scams making the rounds.

People are receiving text messages that what appear to be from AT&T regarding their cell phone service.

These texts include "SMiShing" (cell phone equivalent to "Phishing") links that lead you to a counterfeit website trying to get your personal information, using SMS.

If you receive these types of text messages, simply delete them and do not follow the link to enter personal information.

Here's more information from AT&T and recommendations/tips on how to protect yourself from "SMiShing."

  • Be aware that headers can be forged easily, so the posing sender may not be the real sender.
  • Avoid providing or filling out forms via text wireless devices because the data is not secure.
  • Realize that Internet scammers can create realistic forgeries of Web sites, so avoid clicking on links in an unsolicited text message. Go directly to the company's Web site and fill out information there.
  • Ensure that a Web site is secure by checking to see whether there is an "s" after the http in the address and a lock icon at the bottom of the screen. Both are indicators that the site is secure.

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