Desloge, MO officials make improvements to prevent water contamination

Desloge, MO officials make improvements to prevent water contamination

DESLOGE, MO (KFVS) - As officials in Michigan point fingers about who to blame for water contamination, officials in the "Old Lead Belt" are happy they took precautions.

"We made a promise to our residents back in 2000 that if we were going to get in the water business," Desloge City Administrator Gregory Camp said. "We would take over the operation of the system and they expected certain upgrades to the system."

Camp said residents liked the idea of providing their own water supply, but with lead issues in years past changes had to made.

"One of those things was you had to address the water mains," he said. "The water mains were 70 or 80 years old."

To prevent lead contamination from happening, officials changed the metal pipes to PVC piping.

In Michigan, they're still using metal.

Not only did they make ground improvements, they also made upgrades in their pumping station with newer technology and pumping machines.

Camp said during the entire process, preventing any lead problems was their highest concern.

"We made sure that when we drilled our wells," Camp said. "It was as far away as possible from the possibility of hitting one of those lead mines."

Perry Arnold has lived in Desloge for four years. He said he's glad his town leaders made sure his water safe.

"Very happy," Arnold said. "So we have a very big mine down here used to be and its really good our water down here is really well."

Camp also said they check their contamination levels each month and gives bi-annual reports to the Department of Natural Resources.

According to their contamination report, over the past four years Desloge levels are at one to three parts per billion, well below the DNR's emergency response levels of 15.

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